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Super stylish girl

Description: Before going out for shopping with her friends could you give this girl a super stylish outlook? She loves fashion and style very much so check her wardrobe carefully, use your creativity to mix-match the dresses, accessories to give her the best dress up ever and make her day gorgeous. Enjoy and have fun girls!

Dimension: 700x500

Make osso buco

Description: To cook Osso buco recipe you need to follow the guidelines of this cooking game and prepare this tasty dish. Mix up the ingredients like veal shanks, carrots, onion, celery, garlic and many more as per requirements. This Italian dish has a great taste and flavor. Enjoy the cooking and have fun girls!

Dimension: 700x500

Aubergine mini foccacia cook

Description: Try out this new recipe called aubergine mini focaccia by following the simple steps of this cooking game and give surprise to your near ones at this summer holidays. You can prepare this at home anytime so join and make lots of fun while cook this dish and enjoy cooking too. Good luck every body!

Dimension: 700x500

Winter fun

Description: Going out with friends and doing lots of fun together in this winter that will be a great time for all of us but you must prepare own before this special outing. What would be your dress up? Well i must say you have to pick the right winter outfits and accessories to look fabulous. Check the collection of hats, scarves, gloves, base layer tops, base layer bottoms and more and mix and match them to get the best combination. Make sure your outlook must impress all and you feel comfortable too. Have a lovey funny outing with friends!

Dimension: 700x500

Lamb and feta stuffed aubergines

Description: Lamb And Feta Stuffed Aubergine is a Greek dish and I'm sure all of you would love to cook this delicious meal once you get the recipe. Join this cooking game and learn how to prepare this tasty dish by following step by step information. Once done you can share it, it's simple and easy to cook with in few minutes. Have fun!

Dimension: 700x500

Andie's Lemon Cake

Description: Lemon cake is a wonderful recipe that is truly delicious and anybody can try this at home. Want to give a try to prepare this yummy dessert for you loved ones? Check out this cooking game and follow step by step instructions to end up the preparation. Lemon cake gets delicious flavor from lemon zest and fresh lemon juice. Everyone who has tried it absolutely loves it!

Dimension: 700x500

My Graduation Party

Description: Hello girls, today i will go to join my graduation party but I'm confused what to wear which will make my look different from others, could you help me? Check out the trendy and beautiful clothing collections and give a fine makeover to me. Then accessorize me with glittering jewelries, a perfect hairstyle and a nice pair of shoe. I think you'll end up with a gorgeous makeover and you'll have a lot of fun while dressing me up. Have a wonderful time playing this dress up game!

Dimension: 700x500

Istanbul fashion week

Description: Istanbul Fashion Week, a platform for Turkish designers to show their fashion and brands in the national and international arena and also make the brand popular in the worldwide. Check out this girl wardrobe and use your dress up skills to pick the best outfit for her along with pretty glittering jewelries. Change her hairstyle to make her gorgeous and ready for the show. Have fun!

Dimension: 700x500

Cute couple dress up

Description: Today you have a chance to dress up this cute couple for a romantic date. what would they look like? Give a helping hand from an expert in fashion like you and style up the couple in luxurious stylish outfits and other designer clothes with pretty accessories for a romantic outing. Not forget to change their hair style so that they look perfect. Enjoy and have fun!

Dimension: 700x500

How to make sweet and sour chicken

Description: In today's cooking class you will learn how to make a restaurant-style sweet and sour chicken with the sauce. It's a brand new recipe and you will find a new taste too. It is very easy to make. You just need to deep-fry, steam or boil chicken wings and add sweet'n sour sauce to complete the preparation of this delicious dish and then serve it among the friends and family.

Dimension: 700x500

Grilled Octopus and Pepper Salad

Description: Do you know how to cook Grilled Octopus and Pepper Salad which brighten up your barbecues or dinner parties? Try this original and colorful salad, follow the steps and mix up the ingredients such as tomatoes, green peepers, roasted peepers, basil, parsley, olives, garlic, paprika, salt & peeper, oil and lemon juice properly to complete the preparation of this delicious dish and then serve it among the friends who will surely praise you for this lovely cooking preparation.

Dimension: 700x500

House maid

Description: Have you ever tried to treat yourself as a housemaid? Lets imagine you are a housemaid and today is your first day at work so you have to be little careful while finishing the job correctly and in time. In each level you have to do different duties such as cleaning the rooms, cooking etc within the allotted time otherwise you will lose the job.

Dimension: 650x550

Marriage Anniversary

Description: Today is the first marriage anniversary of this young lady and she want to give her hubby a big surprise but not the traditional wedding anniversary gift as everybody gives. First help her to cook a delicious dish for her beloved hubby by mixing up the ingredients properly such as onion, thyme, garlic, walnuts, chicken, slices bread, butter, paprika's, black peeper, salt, lemon juice, yoghurt accordingly to end up the preparation and then give her a perfect make up so that she looks gorgeous and dress up her with stylish outfits and accessories and ready her for the romantic dinner party.

Dimension: 700x500

Fashion Ukrainian girl

Description: Ukraine is a lovely spot for tourist. Today this Ukrainian girl wants to show their culture, fashion and style among the tourist. She doesn't know what to wear to make her look perfect. Can you help her? Find the best outfit for her, add some chic accessories and change her hairstyle to make her look best ever.

Dimension: 700x500

To be new hostess

Description: Monica the young beauty works as an air hostess and loves to fly high. Today she needs your help to make her look nice and impeccable. Take a look her uniforms, dresses from her wardrobe and dress up her with the best one. Choose a nice hairstyle and some cool accessories to give her look a real professional one.

Dimension: 700x500

Holiday Kisses in Antalya

Description: Antalya is a popular city of Turkiye which is now turned in to an international resort. Every year very much tourist coming and for now this couple planned to spend their holidays in the beach of Antalya. Help them to kiss each other and be sure you always keep a close look on watch and the other tourist. Enjoy and have fun!

Dimension: 700x500

Office rush makeover in Venice

Description: Today this girl wakes up too late and suudenly she realises that she has a little bit of time to go to ofiice for a urgent meeting. She decides to do a complete makeover to look perfect when she will drive her boat to cross the river but be sure police don't caught her for careless driving. Keep looking at time and help her to reach the office.

Dimension: 700x500

8 March Evening

Description: 8th March is known as International Women's Day. It's a very special day for every woman and this young chic plan to celebrate the moment with his boyfriend. Dress up her with some stylish dresses, gowns, accessories, hairs and shoes to make her glamorous as her boyfriend will come to pick up her for the dinner and then both of them will go for a long drive.

Dimension: 700x500

Triplets at the picnic

Description: This happy family plan to go for a picnic along with triplets. Help the mother to collect the essential things before times runs out and start the journey. In the picnic you have to make the triplets happy other wise you will be the loser. So be alert always.

Dimension: 700x500

Cute pet lover dress up

Description: The chic young girl is preparing to relax a day with her beloved pet in the park. Right now she is totally confused what to wear to look her fantastic. Pick the best outfit for her from a wide variety to complete her dress up and then dress up the pet to ready both for a lovely outing.

Dimension: 700x500

Flower princess dress up

Description: The Flower Princess will go to a grand party in the fairy land tonight and she wants to look her best. Help her to dress up with some fantasy dresses, accessories and shoes. Don't forget to change her hairstyle and put the perfect pet with her too so that every thing look perfect for her.

Dimension: 700x500

Cute doll on lawn

Description: Its time for you to show your fashion skills to dress up this little cute doll to make her happy. Help her to dress up in all different types of clothes, hairstyle, shoes and accessories to maker her cute and stylish.

Dimension: 700x500

Monkeys Attack

Description: Monkey always loves banana. So your goal is to protect the bananas before monkeys ready to eat them by climbing on the branches going the other side. Shoot up these monkeys and prevent them to do this.

Dimension: 800x600

Pimp my Jeans

Description: Teenagers are spicing up their dressing style by re-designing their jeans. Choose Miley Cyrus or Justin Biber which one you like, use your fashion skills to design and decorate the jeans to make it stylish.

Dimension: 800x650

Sea Bass Baked in Salt

Description: The salt sea bass baked in a salt is a fabulous spanish fish recipe and also a popular dish with the chinese. Play the game, follow the instrution and complete the preparation of this real delicious dish with adding proper ingredients.

Dimension: 700x500

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